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Soccer Themed Pen Blanks

Soccer Themed Pen Blanks


Introducing our newest product - Soccer Themed Pen Blanks! Handmade with care, these pen blanks are perfect for sports enthusiasts who love to show off their team spirit. With the option to choose your favorite team's colors, we will make the blank just for you. These blanks are made with high-quality Alumilite and Castors choice Mica powder, ensuring a durable and long-lasting product. Measuring 7/8 square 5", they are perfect for creating unique and personalized pens. Contact us today with your preferred colors and get ready to create your very own Soccer-themed masterpiece.


                                        Please Note                                              


I'm showing the pictures of the pens so you can see what the blanks look when turned. The Pens are for sale in the pen section. Thank You!



Colours: fav team colours
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